Life Events

(1) Celebrating Holy Baptism: Baptisms are on the first and third Sundays of the month and following preparation.

(2) Marriage: Contact should first be made with the Rector who initially provides a brochure to the couple outlining both the statutory and ecclesiastical procedures and preparation required. (Note, always confirm the church booking before the hotel booking).

(3) Confirmation: Confirmation by the Archbishop takes place in the church each year, following a twelve-week preparation course. Any adult persons who were not confirmed in earlier life and who would wish to be confirmed are, of course, very welcome to contact the Rector about this.

(4) Burials: Only parishioners or accustomed members of the parish are eligible at death for burial in our grave or cremation plots. There is no advanced booking of plots.

(5) Ordination vocation: Any person who senses a vocation to the ordained ministry is very welcome to contact the Rector about this.