Parish Mission Links


Our parish has two very active “Mission Link” Partnerships.


Our first “Mission Link” is with and through the Orthodox Church in Romania, and in two ways.

First, in the city of Brasov, we give support to the SCUT project, which the Orthodox Church co-ordinates. This project supports young people (in some cases those who are leaving Orphanages) who are in dire need and high risk. Money and jobs remain very hard for young people in that social category to come by, because of Romania’s current economic situation. Fr. Valentin overseas the SCUT project and a homeless centre has been established. The vital work of this project gives support to very vulnerable young people and indeed helps them to integrate better with society. Last year, 187 young people were assisted in this way through this Project.

Secondly, we give support to Fr. Tudor in Precupetii Church, Bucharest, who overseas the parish’s ‘Old Folks’ home. With the collapse of Communist rule, many Romanians found themselves left in severe financial circumstances. This Home not only houses full-time elderly residents but also makes lunches available to non-residents. We were pleased to be able to support the provision of an internal lift in the Home, which means that immobile residents can be brought up and down much more easily. Fr. Tudor, and his assistant Brother Antoine, were very welcome visitors to our parish two years ago. We are very grateful to former parishioner Robert Syme, who first initiated these links for our parish and who has subsequently made further partnership visits to these two projects.


Our second “Mission Link” is with the Anglican Diocese of Shyogwe, Rwanda. This particular link was germinated when one of the clergy of Shyogwe Diocese, Rev. John Wesley Kabango, came some years ago to undertake Developmental Studies here in Kimmage Manor, Dublin. During that time, friendships developed between our parishioners and John Wesley. This created the conditions whereby a parishioner Ken Rue (now Rev. Ken Rue, curate Powerscourt parish) subsequently visited Shyogwe and where the first seeds in a now very well developed partnership were sown.

The Bishop of Shyogwe, Bishop Jered Kalimba, has been a most welcome visitor to our parish on three occasions and teams of parishioners have also visited Shyogwe Diocese, most recently in December 2010. Projects already either initiated or supported through our three year partnership include the upgrading of a Health Centre, a ‘Youth At Risk’ Scheme, various rural and farming developmental programmes, augmenting a Pineapple Factory’s production capacity and the installation of a major new water system for the local community in Gitarama. This last project received significant funding from the Y.M.C.A. and the Irish Government, through ‘Ireland Aid’. Other projects referred to here have also received generous funding support from R.T.E.’s ‘One World’ Fund and the ‘Bishops’ Appeal’.

A “forward plan” has been mutually worked through and we look forward very much to further positive developments with both of our “Mission Links”.

The Chairperson of our Parish Mission Link Committee is Arthur Milligan, who can be contacted on