The following extracts are taken from The Church of Ireland’s “Code of Good Practice for Ministry with Children”.

The foundation of the Church’s approach to all people, including children, is rooted in the biblical affirmation that human beings are all made in the image and likeness of God.

A glance at the stories and genealogies of the Old Testament illustrates that children, in particular, are not only a gift and blessing but also result in the founding of nations and communities. They are a precious means of remembering God’s faithful covenant and of passing on the faith of the community. They are part of the gathered assembly of God’s people. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ saw children as demonstrating a full and intimate relationship with God. He gave them status, time and respect. Believers are to become like children in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.

 The Code of Good Practice goes on to state that “children are a gift to the Church. The Lord of the Church sets them in the midst of the Church today, as in Galilee, not as objects of benevolence, nor even as recipients of instruction, but in the last analysis as patterns of discipleship.” Moreover, “God, who in Jesus became vulnerable as a child, calls us to listen to voices which are not heard and to stand alongside those who have no position or power.”

 It is incumbent on the Christian community, therefore, to create a safe environment for children and to implement carefully a code of good practice in its ministry to children.

The Church of Ireland’s Policy:

“It is the policy of the Church of Ireland to set standards for the welfare of all children sharing in its ministry with a view to protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm”.
Whitechurch Parish Safeguarding Trust Panel.

(Personal Safety Statement)

• We provide a place where every member can feel secure.
• We provide a place where it is known that bullying is not acceptable behaviour.
• We provide a place where name calling is not tolerated.
• We provide a place where no one suffers abuse of any nature.
• We provide a place where no one is victimized.
• We provide a place where each member is supported and listened to.
• We provide a place where it is each member's responsibility to ensure that all
are treated equal.
• We provide a place where solutions to problems are the concern of all.

Approved by the Select Vestry.